5-9 July 2006 Paris-Sorbonne

Accommodation :

Delegates may choose to book a hotel room near the Sorbonne or a room in a hall of residence "Cité Universitaire".


- Hotels near the Sorbonne :

please remember that the area is an expensive part of Paris; in addition to the quality of the hotel room, the cost will take the location into account, so that a comparatively expensive room might still be fairly small. You need to book early. Please book directly on the hotel websites.


A few hotels in the vicinity of the conference:

Grand Hôtel Saint-Michel(G) ***

Hôtel de la Sorbonne (H) ** (family friendly)

Hôtel des Trois Collèges (T) **
(family friendly)

Hôtel du Levant (L)***
(family friendly)

Hotel Europe Saint-Séverin (E)** (family friendly)

Hôtel Saint-Pierre (P)**

Mercure La Sorbonne (M)***
(family friendly)

Select Hotel (S)***

Hôtel Left Bank St Germain

Hôtel Henri IV

Hôtel Eugénie

Hôtel Cluny Square
reception on 1st floor up a flight of steps

Hôtel Belloy St Germain

Hôtel Trianon

Hôtel Collège de France

Hôtel Claude Bernard ***

Hôtel Saint Jacques

Hôtel Le jardin du Cluny

Hôtel Notre-Dame
reception on 1st floor up a flight of steps

Hôtel La Tour Notre-Dame

Hôtel le Home Latin

Hôtel Lys

Hôtel Welcome Hotel


- Hall of Residence at the Cité Universitaire :

three RER stations from the Sorbonne (see map)

Reservation for the Halls of Residence through our Organising Committee is now closed