5-9 July 2006 Paris-Sorbonne

The Sorbonne :

Paris-Sorbonne is a Humanities university. It has faculties in Classics, French, Modern Languages, Philosophy, History, Art History, Musicology, Geography, Mathematics for Humanities, Communication.

Humanities Computing at the Sorbonne :

The University favours the development of Humanities Computing, both in research and teaching; it ranks it as one of its priorities in its official policy statements.

Several research centres work in this field :

  • CATI, the host for ALLC ACH, which has activities in
    • authoring multimedia projects : a cdrom on Georgian Cities, and 'Virtual Montmartre'
    • training for information skills and on-line instruction ('e-cursus' project)
  • LaLICC, which has seminars in the cognitive sciences and comptational logic
  • CRLV, a research centre in travel literature whose website is a major database in this field
  • « Sens et Texte » preparing a hypertext Astrée
  • numerous other research centres have projects in humanities computing : geographical information systems, websites on urban history, art-historical databases...

Its administration and several faculties are in the Sorbonne building; other faculties are situated in various parts of Paris. For our conference, the inaugural plenaries and the reception will be held in the Louis Liard lecture hall and the state rooms of the Rectorat at the Sorbonne.

Most Graduate Schools and Research Centres, together with the Graduate Office, are located in the "Maison de la Recherche" (called "Serpente") close to the Sorbonne, which opened in Spring 2005. It contains lecture halls used for conferences and computer labs; it has state-of-the art equipment; the ALLC/ACH parallel session will take place there.

The ALLC Organizing Committee acknowledges support from the Conseil Scientifique de l'Université Paris-Sorbonne and from the Graduate School Civilisations, Cultures, Littératures et Sociétés.